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Modular halls provide a solution allowing you to increase the length of the hall whenever you need it, without help from fitters.

Modular halls are universal structures that are made of pre-fabricated components. Due to this, installation times of the construction of a hall is shortened and its costs are much lower than during construction of standard tent halls. Halls are designed in such a manner so that these can be installed in accordance with attached "Hall Technical Specification”.

Due to clear pictorial instructions specified in the "Hall Technical Specification" and the hall's simplified structure that includes repeatable segments, a construction team does not have to be deployed to expand a hall. Further pre-fabricated segments may be simply added and - as a result - required space is obtained. This process is described step-by-step starting from unpacking, through assembling the structure, anchoring it, and ending up with installation of pvc covers.



MODULAR HALL, SIZE L 12 x 12 x 2,6
width: 12m
length: 12m
eaves height: 2,6m
segmentation: 3m
ridge height: 4,8m
gable segmentation: 3m
roof slope: 20°
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